Conferência - Magnetic Fields in the Universe: from laboratory and stars to primordial structures

Most of the baryonic matter in the Universe is composed of ionized or partially ionized gas permeated by magnetic fields (i.e. a plasma state). Magnetic fields therefore play a key role in its evolution. This conference will be the fifth edition of the series "Magnetic Fields in the Universe : from Laboratory and Stars to the primordial Structures" that, since 2004, have brought together experts involved in Astrophysical, Space and Laboratory Plasmas and young researchers . The goal of this series is to provide ample exchange of the new results and recent progress in these distinct but closely related research areas and provide the new generations with a broad perspective of the field. It has allowed cross-pollination of disciplines.

Escola de Verão - "Towards the Cherenkov Telescope Array and Future Gamma-ray Experiments"

In the next decade the Cerenkov Telescope Array will open a new era in the Very High Energy domain with its superior performance with respect to the current generation of VHE telescopes. After reviewing the state of the art in very high-energy astrophysics, the exciting science made possible by CTA will be highlighted using the current Montecarlo simulation of the instrument performances. We foresee to cover all the CTA scientific areas both in the galactic and in the extragalactic domains as well as in the fundamental physics one.