Seminário: Using radiated Seismic Energy to Identify Tsunami Earthquakes, Anomalous Ruptures, and its benefits to Earthquake Early Warning Systems

20/04/2017 - 16:30
Auditório 1 do IAG (Rua do Matão, 1226, Cidade Universitária)
O seminário do Departamento de Geofísica será apresentado pelo Dr. Jaime Andres Convers (IAG/USP).
While a rapid calculation of the seismic moment of an earthquake will concentrate on its static parameters, a look at the radiated seismic energy will help elucidate its dynamic rupture process. I will look at the radiated seismic energy, calculated at teleseismic distances for large earthquakes globally, with special attention to a variety of shallow slow rupturing earthquakes called “tsunami earthquakes”.  
While any earthquake that generates a tsunami is classified as “tsunamigenic”, a “tsunami earthquake” is characterized by typically generating a larger wave than expected from its size. Characterized with weaker shaking as perceived by the local population, and a slower rupture, this type of earthquakes from their radiated seismic signature.
Beyond classifying these anomalous-rupturing earthquakes, I will show the application of this methodology for early warning purposes, and how the use of radiated seismic energy not only classifies the aforementioned earthquakes, but also shines a light into rapidly assessing useful dynamic parameters for larger ruptures.