ASTRI Mini-Array Science

The ASTRI MINI-ARRAY will extend and improve the sensitivity (which is similar to H.E.S.S. in the 1-10 TeV energy range) to about 100 TeV. It will allow for early technical assessment studies for the full CTA and the performance of competitive high energy science well before the deployment of the latter. In particular, it will allow the investigation of the poorly known cut-off regime of the cosmic ray accelerators and, by combining its good sensitivity with an angular resolution of a few arcmin and an energy resolution of about 10-15%, it will be well suited to study bright sources at very high energies(~10 TeV).

An asset of the ASTRI MINI-ARRAY is its large field of view (9.6 degrees indiameter) which, combined with the good sensitivity up to a few degrees off-axis, will allow both to investigate extended sources (like supernova remnants and radio galaxies) and catcha few objects during the same pointing, maximizing the scientific return during the first months of operation.

Supernova Remnant n49 Pictures

  • Supernova remnant N49







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  • Radio Galaxy Centaurus A










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