CORDEX Central America and South America - Online Paper-Writing Workshop on Regional Climate Modeling

24/11/2020 (O dia inteiro) - 25/11/2020 (O dia inteiro)
Evento online

November 24-25 & December 8-9, 2020
Objectives of the Workshop: In face of the need to foster coordination of downscaling initiatives for the South America and Central America and the Caribbean regions (SAM/CAM) and to pursue capacity-building activities in the region, the overall goal of this activity is to promote collaborative activities and networking in the SAM/CAM regions with focus on specific regional climate phenomena. In this context, a virtual workshop on paper-writing is proposed with the aim of enhancing the capacity of PhD students and early career researchers in designing a research topic on regional climate modeling and documenting/writing the scientific results.
Specifically, the aims of the Workshop are:
To coordinate collaborative research based on CORDEX products (statistical and dynamical simulations) with focus on selected regional phenomena.
To foster the interaction and discussion between climate modelers and representatives from the user/impact community.
To enhance the capacity on documenting scientific research.
Target Audience:
The Workshop is intended for PhD students and early career researchers with a background in regional climate. Participants from SAM/CAM domains actively involved in the regional climate modeling (dynamic or statistical) as well as users from the impact community and stakeholders are encouraged to participate.
Considering the characteristics of the workshop, there will be a limited number of participants. In their applications, participants must indicate the particular topic of interest (see list above), provide a motivation statement, a short CV, and a letter of recommendation.
Scientific Steering Committee Organizers:
Silvina Solman. CIMA-CONICET/UBA, Argentina
Rosmeri Porfirio da Rocha. USP, Brazil
Tereza Cavazos. CICESE, Mexico
Irene Lake. CORDEX-IPOC, Sweden
Lindha Nilsson . CORDEX-IPOC, Sweden
Maria Laura Bettolli. UBA-CONICET, Argentina