The Emergence of Molecular Complexity in Star-Forming Regions

31/07/2019 - 14:00 - 15:00
Auditório 1 - Prédio Principal
The Emergence of Molecular Complexity in Star-Forming Regions
Bertrand Le Floch

The conditions for planet formation and the emergence of life are one of the key-questions in  Molecular Astrophysics. Thanks to the progress in radioastronomical observations,  we are now in position  to understand  the emergence and the evolution of molecular complexity during the long process that brought  matter from prestellar cores to protostars and ultimately to nascent planetary systems.

I will review some recent results obtained in the domain thanks to the major observational efforts conducted with the IRAM and ALMA observatories.  The IRAM Large Programs ASAI and SOLIS have opened a new perspective on the origin and the evolution of organic molecules. These studies unveil the  molecular richness of the early protostellar phases and feedback processes, including a rich prebiotic content. They show evidence for a marked chemical diversity from cloud- to protostellar disk scale, which we just begin to explore and to understand.

The formation of Organic Molecules in these environments remain a challenge for theoreticians and experimentalists. I will present the example of Formamide, a molecule of prebiotic interest, and I will show how a pluridisciplinary approach combining astronomical observations and modelling with quantum chemistry computations sheds light on the origin and the fate of this intriguing species in sun-like systems.