Webinário METROCLIMA: Measuring methane from space (using TROPOMI), how can satellite observation support reducing methane emissions worldwide?

19/08/2020 - 10:00
Transmissão online

Este seminário integra o escopo do projeto METROCLIMA e será apresentado pela Dr. Ilse Aben (SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research, Utrecht, The Netherlands).
Currículo da palestrante: Dr. Aben is the Dutch Co-Principal Investigator of TROPOMI instrument on-board ESA’s Sentinel-5 Precursor. Dr. Aben leads the SRON TROPOMI team responsible for safeguarding the SWIR science performance. This included deriving the science and instrument requirements for measuring CO, and CH 4 in the SWIR, support to instrument development and trade-offs, calibration of the SWIR channel, and development of the SWIR L2 algorithms. She also serves as a member of the ESA/EUMETSAT GOME(-2) and ESA SCIAMACHY Science Advisory Groups, and is a member of the ESA S5P Mission Advisory Group. Since October 2001 she has been appointed adjunct professor in Physics and Chemistry of the Earth’s atmosphere at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Since 2007 she serves as a co-editor for the journals Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics and Atmospheric Measurements Techniques. Her main research interest is in the Carbon cycle.
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