Observational tests of the fundamental hypothesis of Cosmology

04/08/2021 - 14:00 - 15:00
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Observational tests of the fundamental hypothesis of Cosmology
Carlos Bengaly
Observatório Nacional
The standard model of Cosmology (SCM) consists on the LCDM model, which is dominated by cold dark matter and Cosmological Constant. Although this model provides the best description of cosmological observation thus far, the nature of these two components remain unveiled. Therefore, there is an urge to develop models to explain them, but on top of that, we need to put the fundamental hypotheses underlying the SCM under scrutiny. After all, statistically significant evidence of departure of these hypotheses may lead to complete reformulation of the SCM. In this talk, I present some observational tests I carried out with this goal. I will talk about some observational tests of the Cosmological Principle - namely, the assumption of large-scale homogeneity and isotropy of the Universe - using a variety of cosmological data. In addition, I will show results obtained by probing the validity of two fundamental assumptions which these data relies upon: the constancy of the absolute magnitude of Type Ia Supernovae, and the current temperature of the CMB. 
Carlos Bengaly obteve o Bacharel em Física pela UFRJ em 2011, Mestrado em Astronomia pelo Observatório Nacional - RJ em 2013 e Doutorado em Astronomia pela mesma instituição em 2016. Depois disso, fez o primeiro postdoc pela University of the Western Cape (África do Sul) entre 2017 e 2019, além de um postdoc pela Université de Genève entre 2019 e 2020. Desde Julho de 2020, é postdoc pelo Observatório Nacional - RJ. Atua na fronteira entre a Cosmologia teórica e observacional, se concentrando em testes observacionais do modelo cosmológico padrão e suas hipóteses fundamentais.