A polarimetric view of the Edge of M87's Black Hole

02/06/2021 - 14:00 - 15:00
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A polarimetric view of the Edge of M87's Black Hole
Monika Moscibrodzka
Radboud University
The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) collaboration, who produced the first ever image of a black hole, has just revealed a new view of the massive object at the centre of the M87 galaxy: how it looks in polarised light. This is the first time astronomers have been able to measure polarisation, a signature of magnetic fields, this close to the edge of a black hole. The observations are key to explaining how the M87 galaxy, located 55 million light-years away, is able to launch energetic plasma jets from its core. In her presentation, Dr. Mościbrodzka will talk about these new observational results and their theoretical interpretation.
Monika Moscibrodzka received her PhD degree in 2008 at Warsaw. Since 2018 she is Assistant professor at Radboud University in the Netherlands. Prof. Moscibrodzka has been a member of the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration since its beginning where she coordinates Polarization studies of black holes. She is a theoretical astrophysicist specialized in numerical models of accretion disks and jets working at the boundary where theory meets observations.