The radius anomaly: a tale told by short-period low-mass eclipsing binaries

28/11/2018 - 14:00 - 15:00
Auditório "Prof. Dr. Paulo Benevides Soares", Bloco G

The radius anomaly: a tale told by short-period low-mass eclipsing binaries


Patricia Cruz



Eclipsing binaries are an excellent case study for testing stellar evolutionary models, as they allow a complete characterization of their physical and orbital parameters when photometric and spectroscopic data are combined. The majority of short-period low-mass eclipsing binaries in the literature present measured stellar radii that are usually 5 to 20% bigger than the expected values when compared to stellar models. This inflation trend is known as the radius anomaly of low-mass stars. I will present our latest results on the search for new low-mass systems and their place in the present radius inflation scenario.