Thermodynamic Equilibrium and General Relativity

06/05/2020 - 14:00 - 15:00
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Thermodynamic Equilibrium and General Relativity

José Ademir S. de Lima


In classical thermodynamics, the equality of temperature is a condition for termal equilibrium between two systems or between two parts of a single system. In 1931, probably inspired by the primary character of such a statement, as well as by the existence of the First and the Second law, R. H. Fowler termed it the Zeroth law of thermodynamics. Nevertheless, although largely adopted in old and modern textbooks of thermodynamics, the Zeroth Law is not obeyed in curved spacetimes, as described by the general relativity and other metric theories of gravity. For a static spacetime, for instance, the temperature of the fluid in thermal equilibrium depends explicitly on the position within the medium. This result is usually dubbed Tolman-Ehrenfest (TE) Law.
In the colloquium, I will discuss some consequences and limitations of the TE Law, as well as some possible implications for the spacetime thermodynamics. Finally, an extended general form for the TE Law it will be also deduced.


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