Exchange Student - Graduate

International graduate students may spend a period of their doctorate in one of the IAG Graduate Programs.
There are two modalities: Doctorate Internship and Double Diploma.
The Doctorate Internship does not require any formal agreement between USP and the visiting student. The agreement is between the international student supervisor and USP supervisor. Normally, this training period is part of an ongoing research collaboration, and the visiting student is enrolled and holds a scholarship at his/her university.
The Double Diploma (DD) program requires a formal agreement to be drawn between universities and supervisors and, at the end of this joint program, a double diploma is granted. Students and supervisors willing to apply to a DD program may other information at the USP Provost's Office for Graduate Studies website.
We strongly recommend the student and the USP supervisor to contact the Secretaria de Pós-Graduação ( to get further information at the early stage of the doctorate program because the paper work may take long to be organized.     The agreement must be signed before the thesis defense otherwise the double diploma will not be issued.