Getting ready to visit

1. Visa
In order to legally reside in Brazil for the time necessary to undertake your study and also to be registered as USP student, international students must obtain a student visa, a Type IV Temporary Visa.
Type I Temporary visa applies for visiting lecturer, scientist and post-doctorates depending on the planned activities and if the living expenses are covered by a fellowship or a scholarship, granted by either Brazilian or foreign foundations. Otherwise, if the visitor is remunerated by a public or a private organization for his/her work, then Type V Temporary visa is required.
In any situation, the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate in the home country will assist the applicant. The address of the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate nearest at your home town can be found at the list of the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations website. required documents for visa application is obtained from the consulate visa office.
Tourist visa may be issued to foreign scientist, lecturer, researcher, student or professional coming to Brazil to participate in conferences, seminar or meetings related to science and technology, as long as he/she is not paid for the activities. This visa is valid for a maximum time of 30 days. The visitor is only allowed to have the payment or reimbursement of travel expenses (hotel, meals and air-ticket, etc).
Further information about the required visa for other different purposes of the visit may be obtained at the Ministry of Justice homepage.
Warning: It is not possible to enroll as student holding a tourist visa. Nor it is possible to change the type of visa once in Brazil or at neighboring country. To change the status the applicant or visitor MUST return to her/his home country.
  • Resolução Normativa nº.116 (2015) - Brazilian Visa concession for researchers and students (Portuguese only)
2. Health Insurance
In Brazil, the international student and visitor is allowed to make use of the Brazilian Public Health System (SUS) only in emergency cases. Therefore, USP demands that students and any other visitor to apply for health (travel) insurance prior to arrival in Brazil, covering the whole period of permanence.
Attention! STUDENTS visiting USP MUST hold an international health insurance in order to be officially enrolled as USP student and to receive the USP ID card and other local benefits.
3. Housing
The CCNI-IAG assists international visitors to start searching for accommodation or apartments, depending upon the period of stay. Undergraduate students may be assisted by the International Office Housing list of accommodation near USP campus.
We ask the visitor to write to sometime before the departure from her/his home country. Although we can assist in getting the list of options, finding the right accommodation and housing, or signing the contract is of the entire responsibility of the visitor/student.
4. Driving License
According to the Brazilian driving license rule issued in 2006, the foreign driving license from a country signatory of the Vienna convention is valid for 180 days from the date of the visitor arrival. Therefore, we recommend the visitor to apply for an International Driver’s License (also called International Driving Permit) in your home country. Normally, this license is valid for the same period of the foreign driving license and it is written in several languages. Both documents must be carried together because the police official honors the driving license, not the permit alone.
5. Banking
If you are using your home country credit/cashing card, be aware that some cashing services are not available in all Brazilian ATM machines. Most of the 24 Horas ATM machines (red color) located in supermarkets and shopping centers may accept a large variety of international cashing cards, as well as some international banks such as HSBC, Citibank, but their branches are located mostly at commercial, business and financial areas, therefore off the USP Campus. Verify with your bank an alternative options if you are a traveler, such as Visa Travel Money Card, before leaving your home country. Banking open hours in São Paulo city are between 10 am to 4 pm.