How to get to IAG

IAG is located in Rua do Matão, 1226 - Cidade Universitária - São Paulo/SP.

By car:

Main gate - P1 (Av. Afrânio Peixoto with Rua Alvarenga crossroad)

Gate 2 - P2 (Av. Escola Politécnica)

Gate 3 - P3 (Av. Corifeu de Azevedo Marques)

Attention: to know about opening hours of each gate please refer to USP Main Campus Prefecture website.

By subway (Metrô):

The nearest subway station to the Campus  is the Butantã (Line 4 - Yellow).

Departing from the bus terminal neighboring the station, the following lines transport passengers to the Campus:

  • 8012-10 Metrô Butantã - Cidade Universitária
  • 8022-10 Metrô Butantã - Cidade Universitária

The use of these two bus lines is free for holders of BUSP card. For more information please refer to USP Main Campus Prefecture website.

By train (CPTM):

The nearest train station is the Cidade Universitária (Line 9 - Esmeralda), which is about 1 km away (around 10 minutes walking) from the pedestrian gate ('Acesso de pedestres') located near to the School of Physical Education and Sport (EEFE). A safely option is to use the integration service 'CPTM - Metrô' (Line 4) at Pinheiros station, which allows transfers between Train and Subway lines, for free.

By bus:

There are city buses that circulate inside the Campus. They are the following:

  • 8012-10 Metrô Butantã - Cidade Universitária
  • 8022-10 Metrô Butantã - Cidade Universitária
  • 177H-10 Metrô Santana - Butantã USP
  • 701U-10 Metrô Santana - Butantã USP
  • 702U-10 Term. Pq. D. Pedro II - Butantã USP
  • 7181-10 Term. Princ. Isabel - Cidade Universitária
  • 7411-10 Praça da Sé - Cidade Universitária
  • 7725-10 Term. Lapa - Rio Pequeno

Information about the route can be found on SPTrans website.

Intercity lines:

  • 280BI1 - São Bernardo do Campo - Cidade Universitária

The route can be found on EMTU website.

By chartered bus:

USP Main Campus Prefecture maintain a list of chartered buses that circulate in the Campus and the surrounding area (PDF). The lines are private and the responsibility lies with the companies providing the services.

By taxi:

The Campus has three taxi stands, which are open Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 11 pm, and Saturdays from 7 am to 5 pm:

  • Praça da Reitoria: (11) 3091-3556
  • Praça dos Bancos: (11) 3091-4488
  • Hospital Universitário: (11) 3091-3536