As a research program conducted in different USP Units by doctorate degree holders, the USP Post-Doctorate Program is ruled by Resolutions #5868 and #6016.


To participate in the program, first, it is necessary to contact the professor who will advise you; then, the documents required for the program must be forwarded to the Research Committee for analysis and approval of the requests and the logging of the post-doctorate students in the Atena system.




Please, find below the forms that compose the documentation for the program (all .doc-formatted; Portuguese only):



Visiting Professors


Apart from financial funds regularly provided by the national and state research councils, USP offer visiting scientists fellowships.

Funding application should start at least one year before the planned visit. IAG faculty member willing to host a visiting scientist, may consider applying to one of the USP programs.


For further information please refer to USP's International Office website.

  • Resolution n. 6519 (2013) – Scholarship Program for Visiting Professors at USP (Portuguese only)