Undergraduate Studies

Programs offered to foreign undergraduate students:
Admission as an exchange student
Exchange students are allowed to attend courses at USP for one or two semesters, which can be further extended up to two more semesters if authorized by both the foreign institution and USP. Students can obtain credits or conduct research valid to their home institution. Your home university must register you here
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Admission as a regular student
1 - Admission Test (“Vestibular”)
The admission test - “Vestibular” - is organized every year by "Fundação Universitária para o Vestibular" (FUVEST). It is commonly applied between November and January.
2 - Transfer
Transfer from other higher education institutions (both Brazilian or foreign) is only possible when vacancies are available after regular enrollment and internal transfer processes (from one USP School to another). This admission process happens via pre- selection and specific examinations, both applied by FUVEST.

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3 - Program for Partner Undergraduate Students (PEC-G)
This is a cooperation program between Brazil and countries which Brazil maintains educational and cultural agreements with (especially from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean). The goal is to offer young students from these countries the opportunity to undertake their full undergraduate studies at USP. 
For further information, access: http://www.dce.mre.gov.br/