VISA and other documents

Foreigners who intend to enter USP as regular students or through academic mobility (undergraduate, graduate) as well as professors and post-doctoral fellows, should contact the Brazilian consulate in their country of origin to obtain the appropriate visa.
1. Visa
In order to legally reside in Brazil  to undertake your study for the necessary time and also to be registered as USP student, foreign students must obtain a student visa, called "Visto Temporário IV/VITEM IV".
In any situation, the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate in the home country will assist the applicant. The address of the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate nearest at your home town can be found at the list of the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations website. Required documents for visa application is obtained from the consulate visa office.
Warning: It is not possible to enroll as student holding a tourist visa, nor it is possible to change the type of visa once in Brazil or at neighboring country. To change the status the applicant or visitor MUST return to her/his home country.
2. Health Insurance
In Brazil, the international student and visitor is allowed to make use of the Brazilian Public Health System (SUS) only in emergency cases. Therefore, USP demands that students and any other visitor to apply for health (travel) insurance prior to arrival in Brazil, covering the whole period of permanence.
Attention! STUDENTS visiting USP MUST obtain an international health insurance in order to be officially enrolled as USP student and to receive the USP ID card and other local benefits.
CRNM (Carteira de Registro Nacional Migratório)
Upon your  arrival in Brazil, you must obtain a CRNM (Carteira de Registro Nacional Migratório) from the Federal Police. This is a mandatory document for temporary residence in Brazil, which must be obtained within 90 days from the date of arrival in the country.
Only with this registration number you will be able to open a bank account, buy a school pass, or perform any other activity that requires confirmation of your prolonged stay in Brazil.
How to REQUEST the registration and issuance of the National Immigration Registration Card, click here and here,
3. Housing
Undergraduate students may be assisted by the International Office Housing list of accommodation near USP campus.