LabCosmos is a virtual institute of Cosmology, supported by the Office of the Dean of Research of the University of São Paulo, under the  Research Nuclei Program (NAP). Its members are researchers from the Astronomy Department of (IAG-USP), the Physics Institute (IF-USP), the Mathematics and Statistics Institute (IME-USP), the USP Physics Institute in São Carlos (IFSC-USP), and the Polytechnic School (EP-USP).

The LabCosmos team is composed of astronomers, physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists and engineers. We work in a multidisciplinary way in several areas of research related in some way or another with Cosmology. We are working on several projects, in international collaborations, which aim at tackling the most important problems in the frontiers of Physics and Astronomy, as well as to develop the new technologies that will enable the observations that can make these new discoveries.

For Scientists

Astronomy school on photometric redshifts

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(Português) Apresentações S-PLUS Internal Meeting

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CosmoClub: There and back again: stories from Teruel

This Friday, November 28, our colleague Lucas F. Secco will tells us about what he was doing in Teruel after realizing that Teruel really exists.    “There and back again: stories from […]

CosmoClub: A introductory approach to Monte Carlo Markov Chain

November 05, we’ll have Michel Aguena giving “A introductory approach to Monte Carlo Markov Chain”. It’s 07/11 1pm @Jayme Tiomno Room   Abstract: The Monte Carlo Markov Chain (MCMC) is a method for […]

CosmoClub: Supernovae Ia and Cosmology

Friday, October 31, we’ll have Pedro Bernardinelli talking about “Supernovae Ia and Cosmology”. 31/10 – 1pm @ Jayme Tiomno Room   Abstract:  We will discuss superficially the main supernova types: Ia, Ib, Ic […]

Special CosmoClub: Vínculos Observacionais em Modelos com Interação entre Energia Escura e Matéria Escura

One week before our colleague André Alencar defends his PhD thesis, he will present us a preview rehearsal from his thesis defense about “Vínculos Observacionais em Modelos com Interação entre Energia Escura e […]

CosmoClub and Paper Presentations from Physical Cosmology II (17/10)

This Friday, October 17th, we’ll have George J. Zilioti talking about “Interaction Models in Cosmology”   Abstract: In the standard model of cosmology (LCDM) we have the presence of two unknown components, namely […]

CosmoClub: Parallel Computing Using Python

Hello, CosmoFolks Just to remind you… On October 10th we had an extraordinary talk by Prof. Rodrigo Nemmen from IAG about Parallel Computing Using Python. Justo to remind you that CosmoClub occurs weekly […]

Git: your brain will thank you

On the CosmoClub May 6th, the postdoc Loic Le Tiran from IAG-USP presented an informative talk on the the use of the version control system “git”. For scientists (and other […]

Jornada: Large-Scale Structure and HOD (POSTPONED!)

MAY 15, 2014 Please note: this Jornada de Cosmologia had to be postponed once again. We will schedule this event for some date after the World Cup. On May 29th In July […]