Cosmology Group at the Mathematical Physics Department, Physics Institute (IF/USP)


Git: your brain will thank you

On the CosmoClub May 6th, the postdoc Loic Le Tiran from IAG-USP presented an informative talk on the the use of the version control system “git”. For scientists (and other […]

Dark Energy and the Anthropic Principle

In the CosmoClub meeting of April 29th, the graduate student Riis Rhavia, who works with Prof. Dr. Elcio Abdalla, presented a seminar on the relationship between the allowed values for the […]

Problems with the Cosmological Constant

In the CosmoClub of April 22nd, Lucas Olivari, student of Prof. Dr. Elcio Abdalla at DFMA-IFUSP, presented a seminar on the famous problem of the many orders o f magnitude […]


Professors: Postdocs: Dr. Irène Balmès Dr. Paulo Henrique Reimberg Doctoral Students: André Alencar da Costa Henrique Scemes Xavier Leandro Beraldo e Silva Michel Aguena da Silva Rafael Marcondes Master’s Students : […]

Research Topics

The Physical Cosmology Group’s main research topics include:  Dark Matter Dark Energy Interactions between Dark Matter and Dark Energy Super Novae and Quasar Cosmology Large Scale Structure of the Universe […]