CosmoClub: Parallel Computing Using Python

Published byArthur Loureiro on October 10, 2014 at 14:41.

Hello, CosmoFolks

Just to remind you…

On October 10th we had an extraordinary talk by Prof. Rodrigo Nemmen from IAG about Parallel Computing Using Python.

Justo to remind you that CosmoClub occurs weekly at fridays 1pm @ Jayme Tiomno Room, second floor of the Central Building in IF.

In this talk, prof. Nemmen will present some ways to perform parallel computing -in a simple and powerful way – using Python programming language.
Many of you probably came across with Prof. Rodrigo’s blog,  AstroPython, a website that, since 2011, has many tips on programming with Python for Astrophysics,

For those with availability, the idea is to bring your computers so you can test the codes and recipes that will be presented.
You must have Python and iPython Notebook installed. Installation instructions are available at the following link:
Another useful software: htop
Installing in Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install htop
Instaling in OS X: sudo port install htop

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