Jornada: Large-Scale Structure and HOD (POSTPONED!)

Published byRaul Abramo on May 1, 2014 at 18:24.

MAY 15, 2014

Please note: this Jornada de Cosmologia had to be postponed once again. We will schedule this event for some date after the World Cup.

On May 29th In July we will meet for the first Jornada de Cosmologia of 2014.

On that day, many researchers, professors, students and postdocs, will give short (20-30 min) seminars covering several aspects in the field of Large-Scale Structure and HODs (Halo Occupation Distributions).

The goal of the Jornadas is to present a given area of research to a wider audience (and students, in particular), and to allow for discussions about the state-of-the-art in that field. In the morning we should have more basic talks, such that students can follow easily. In the second half, we will cover the problems that define the frontier of knowledge in that area of research.


All are welcome to come!

If you wish to participe, please insert your name on the List of Participants below, or write to one of us.

List of Participants

  • Raul Abramo
  • Henrique Xavier
  • Irène Balmès
  • Lucas Secco
  • Arthur Loureiro
  • Marcos Lima
  • Hugo Camacho
  • Michel Aguena

On May 8th we will meet to discuss the topic of Large-Scale Structure and HOD!strong_grav_lensing


  • Raul Abramo
  • Henrique Xavier
  • etc.