10 de February de 2015 às 8:40 horas.

Permanent position in Observational Cosmology at UNICAMP

[Annoucement made by Luis Araujo, Head of the Physics Institute at UNICAMP. Google translator version!!] Permanent position at IFGW – UNICAMP / 2015 Following its Strategic Planning for Recruitment, the […]

16 de May de 2014 às 13:04 horas.

Tenure-track position at UNICAMP (Observational Cosmology)

The University of Campinas has an open tenure-track position in the area of Observational Cosmology. The deadline for applications is June 6th, 2014. More information in the link http://portal.ifi.unicamp.br/avisosgeraismoderador/213-portal/1247-concurso-professor-doutor-na-area-de-cosmologia-observacional

1 de May de 2014 às 18:24 horas.

Jornada: Large-Scale Structure and HOD (POSTPONED!)

MAY 15, 2014 Please note: this Jornada de Cosmologia had to be postponed once again. We will schedule this event for some date after the World Cup. On May 29th In July […]

27 de June de 2013 às 15:10 horas.

T250 telescope is delivered to OAJ

On november, 2013, the T250 telescope was officially delivered by AMOS (the manufacturer) to the Observatório Astronomico de Javalambre (OAJ). The picture shows a giant crane lifting the ground interface […]

27 de June de 2013 às 15:08 horas.

J-PAS delivers its main white paper

On March 20th, 2014, the J-PAS collaboration finialized and posted its white paper. This paper describes in detail the characteristics of the instruments, as well as the science that will be […]