Description of the Virtual Institute LabCosmos

Published byadmin@brz on September 11, 2013 at 14:00.

The NAP LabCosmos will unite researchers from several areas to foster the development of astronomical instruments in the optical and near infrared, as well as to analyze the data from some of the widest and deepest surveys of the sky that will be carried out with those instruments.

The main activities of LabCosmos will be: 1) to articulate and promote the cooperation between our team of astronomers, physicists, engineers and computer scientists; 2) to train new talents, in particular students, through schools, workshops, seminars, work visits and exchanges, employing top professionals from Brazil and abroad; 3) to foster the development of astronomical instruments in an integrated process, engaging engineers and scientists in this complex task; 4) to provide an institutional and administrative infrastructure that will sustain and support the various national and international collaborations in which our members participate, coordinating sources of financing, reports, project management, etc. 5) to promote to the Society the activities of the research through talks in Science museums, libraries, public schools and civil organizations involved in education, and through support material.

LabCosmos is organized in the following way:

  • Science Coordinator – Prof. Claudia L. Mendes de Oliveira (IAG)
  • Deputy Science Coordeninator – Prof. Laerte Sodré Jr. (IAG)
  • Board of Advisor – Profs. Luís Raul W. Abramo (IF), Laerte Sodré Jr. (IAG), Francisco J.
  • Ramirez Fernandez (Escola Politécnica) e Claudia L. Mendes de Oliveira (IAG)