Permanent position in Observational Cosmology at UNICAMP

Published byRaul Abramo on February 10, 2015 at 8:40.

[Annoucement made by Luis Araujo, Head of the Physics Institute at UNICAMP.

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Permanent position at IFGW – UNICAMP / 2015

Following its Strategic Planning for Recruitment, the Institute of Physics “Gleb Wataghin” (IFGW), State University of Campinas (Unicamp) in Campinas, SP, will carry out, over 2015, a Public Search for Professors (MS3 .1) in the areas:

1. Experimental Physics of Advanced Materials
2. Nano-Structured Devices
3. Observational Cosmology
4. Experimental Surface Physics and Materials Advanced Characterization using Synchrotron Light
5. Theoretical Physics

The its search, the IFGW is looking for highly motivated candidates with the following profile:

a. Capacity and independence to perform internationally competitive research;
b. Ability and interest to contribute to undergraduate teaching and graduate;
c. Ability and interest to interact with various IFGW research groups using different methods and techniques and enhancing the theory-experiment interaction;
d. Potential to lead the implementation of new lines of research;
e. Research experience in areas of world-class research.

The IFGW hiring searches place considerable weight in a written test. The written test consists of an activity plan to be developed in the areas of interest, and a critical review about these areas. The work plan must be delivered with the candidate’s application and should be restricted to a maximum of ten (10) pages. The first phase of the competition will eliminate candidates whose workplans are deemed insufficient. The interview concerning the work plan  lasts at least twenty (20) minutes and a maximum of forty (40) minutes and the grade is based on the adequacy of the plan; the academic and scientific relevance of the plan; and the feasibility of implementing the plan of activities in IFGW. Therefore, it is critical that the candidates are engaged to prepare a research plan that adequately addresses these three points.

Those interested in participating in the process should regularly consult the website for news about these positions, about the dates for the competitions, deadlines, etc.. We strongly suggest an early preparation of the documentation, given the tight deadlines for registration (approximately 20 working days after notice).

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