CosmoClub: Supernovae Ia and Cosmology

Friday, October 31, we’ll have Pedro Bernardinelli talking about “Supernovae Ia and Cosmology”. 31/10 – 1pm @ Jayme Tiomno Room   Abstract:  We will discuss superficially the main supernova types: Ia, Ib, Ic […]

CosmoClub: Parallel Computing Using Python

Hello, CosmoFolks Just to remind you… On October 10th we had an extraordinary talk by Prof. Rodrigo Nemmen from IAG about Parallel Computing Using Python. Justo to remind you that CosmoClub occurs weekly […]

Git: your brain will thank you

On the CosmoClub May 6th, the postdoc Loic Le Tiran from IAG-USP presented an informative talk on the the use of the version control system “git”. For scientists (and other […]

Dark Energy and the Anthropic Principle

In the CosmoClub meeting of April 29th, the graduate student Riis Rhavia, who works with Prof. Dr. Elcio Abdalla, presented a seminar on the relationship between the allowed values for the […]

Problems with the Cosmological Constant

In the CosmoClub of April 22nd, Lucas Olivari, student of Prof. Dr. Elcio Abdalla at DFMA-IFUSP, presented a seminar on the famous problem of the many orders o f magnitude […]


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