The Giant Magellan Telescope will be a 24.5m telescope on Chile – one of the newest “giant” telescopes, that will allow images with quality and depth never seen before. Its […]


Overview The PFS/SuMIRe (Prime Focus Spectrograph for the Subaru telescope) is a project involving several Japanese institutions (leaded by IPMU of Univ. of Tokyo), the universities of Caltech, Princeton and […]


The J-PAS (Javalambre Physics of the Accelerating Universe Astrophysical Survey) is a  projects involving mainly Spanish  and Brazilian institutions. A new astronomical observatory has been built in Sierra de Javalambre […]


  ABRAS (Argentina-BrazilAstronomicalCenter) is a bi-national project to build a 1m robotic telescope, operating on the near infrared band. This telescope, that should have wide field of view, is located […]

What are the goals of LabCosmos?

LabCosmos will provide the institutional support that will allow us to consolidate our participation in the international project J-PAS, S-MAPS, ABRAS and PFS/SuMIRe. These ambitious projects aim to map large […]

Description of the Virtual Institute LabCosmos

The NAP LabCosmos will unite researchers from several areas to foster the development of astronomical instruments in the optical and near infrared, as well as to analyze the data from […]