Several research groups at the Astronomy Department of the Insitute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences of the University of São Paulo (IAG/USP), Brazil, invite applications for several postdoctoral fellowships.

The Astronomy Department’s ICE supercomputer

IAG/USP Astronomy Department consists of 35 faculty members who work in many areas, including: the dynamics of exoplanets and solar systems, astrobiology, astrometry, stellar astronomy and dynamics,  interstellar medium, galactic and extragalactic astronomy,  cosmology, and plasmas astrophysics, both theoretical and observational. Applicants with strong background in radio astronomy, high energy astrophysics, numerical astrophysics,  or instrumentation are also encouraged to apply. IAG/USP astronomers enjoy access to observing time at international facilities such as  SOAR and Gemini Observatories, as well as international projects such as J-PAS, PFS, CTA, ASTRI Mini-Array, LLAMA and access to  supercomputers.

Please send a CV and research statement (including past work and future plans), with a maximum of five pages, and two letters of recommendation to by July 08th, 2017 (or until suitable candidates are found). Do not forget to mention the project you are applying for (see list below). Applications will start to be reviewed at the end of July, and the search will continue until the positions have been filled.

The successful candidate will have a two-year fellowship reviewed and awarded by the Sao Paulo State funding agency (FAPESP), which can be renewed for an additional year.  The current, tax exempt monthly stipend is BRL 6,819.00. An additional grant (for travel, computers, etc.) of BRL 10,000.00 per year and limited payment for moving costs are also available.

Please click on the links below for more details on the research opportunities currently available: