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Caminha-Maciel, G, Ernesto M.  2019.  LSTperiod software: spectral analysis of multiple irregularly sampled time series. Annals of GeophysicsAnnals of Geophysics. 62(Vol 62 (2019))
Pinheiro, KJ, Amit H, Terra-Nova F.  2019.  Geomagnetic jerk features produced using synthetic core flow models. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors. 291:35-53.
Trindade, RIF, Jaqueto P, Terra-Nova F, Brandt D, Hartmann GA, Feinberg JM, Strauss BE, Novello VF, Cruz FW, Karmann I et al..  2018.  Speleothem record of geomagnetic South Atlantic Anomaly recurrence. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 1156481677410676452424451452441513014569535311912112226637116122276(52):13198-13203.
Leite, AS, Mendonça CA, Moraes PLA, Ustra AT.  2018.  A procedure for quantitative characterization of superparamagnetic minerals in environmental magnetism. Geophysical Journal International. 21535853312089361246053177932134694111114915115118359169533619401552912016419287541115916281492222111114013326104(33541152123-4235B12)436G2124619713-4714791-3B123171-411410)B2s1116B11):1974-1984.
Elis, V R, Bondioli A, Ustra A T, Carlos I M, Pozzo H Â P D.  2018.  Resistivity imaging for identification of fracture zones in crystalline bedrock in Brazil. Sustainable Water Resources Management. 1451527329456555650–5219(31/232)