About the Research


The research activities developed in the Astronomy Graduate Program are organized in themes that cover the major objectives and works performed in each sub-area.

Usually, results of ongoing researches are submitted for publication to specialized journals and periodicals on Astronomy and Astrophysics. An updated list of the research performed by professors and students can be found in the Publications page.


How to participate in Astronomy research groups

Graduates in Engineering, Exact or Earth Sciences interested in participating in the activities developed by one of these groups should contact a supervisor through e-mail (available at the webpage containing the list of professors from the department) and apply for the MSc or PhD programs selection process when open.

Applicants approved in the selection process intending to enroll must develop a research project in accordance to existing areas in the program. Each line of research features specific workgroups encompassing students and supervisors of the Department. If interested, please seek an available supervisor member of the group who will be able to advise you.


For further information, contact the Graduate Studies Committee through the e-mail: cpgiag@usp.br.