International Students


International students will only be enrolled in the graduate courses by presenting a student visa, the Foreigners National Registration (RNE - Registro Nacional de Estrangeiro) or RNE protocol and CPF or protocol with CPF number.

International students who study for more than a year, will be required to present the RNE renewal protocol each year.

The Provost Office of Graduate Studies will not issue the course certificate if the thesis defense takes place during a period in which the student’s visa is expired, or if the student is in possession of a tourist visa.


To apply for a student visa, search for the Brazilian embassy in your country:


Schedule your RNE request:


Request the CPF:


Support for international students and visitors

The Commission for International Cooperation (CCInt) offers support services for international students and visitors, as well as Brazilian students and researchers intending to travel abroad. This service may be requested at:



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