After entering the graduate program in Astronomy, students may apply for a scholarship from one of three official funding agencies:


- CNPq -


FAPESP Scholarship

For applying to FAPESP the student and respective supervisor must directly address the institution, who will judge the application’s worth, based on their own criteria of control and excellence - the request must be made along with the candidate’s entry approval.


CAPES and CNPq scholarships

CAPES and CNPq scholarships are distributed within the Astronomy Program for students who obtained the best ranking or performance, as appointed by the Council of Supervisors. Scholarships are made available again to the program as soon the students complete their respective master’s / doctorate.


PEC-PG (International students only)

Another type of scholarship, called PEC-PG, is available only to international students from developing countries with which Brazil has an agreement of cultural and educational cooperation. To obtain the said scholarship, eligible students must contact the Brazilian embassy in their country of origin to apply. Applicants must present a certificate of proficiency in Portuguese as a foreign language (CELPE-Bras -


Scholarships in this category are available once a year. In accordance to CAPES calendar, registration for scholarships generally occur in August, being judged in October. Applications depend upon submitting an acceptance letter concerning the graduate program in which the applicant is interested in taking. Please notice that the program’s acceptance letter can only be submitted after the applicant is approved through our selection process. Therefore, preparations to obtain this scholarship must initiate at least one year in advance of the beginning of its term, so that the applicant is able to present all required documents.


To check if your country is included in this international agreement, please consult CAPES website and attentively read their instructions handbook.


For further information please check the following links:


CAPES website:


CAPES handbook (in Portuguese):