Special Credits


For the Masters, Doctorate and Doctorate with Direct Entry Programs, a maximum of 6 credits may be conceded as special credits.

Article 65 – Charter of Graduate Studies

According to Article 65 of the Graduate Regulations, under CCP judgment, the following activities may be taken into account when counting the student's minimum required subject credits:


I – for each complete work published in national or international journals, that have an adequate referential system and acknowledged editorial body, a total of 3 credits may be awarded.

II – a complete work published in research annals (or similar), for which 1 credit may be awarded.

III - book or chapter of a book of recognized merit in the area of knowledge, a total of 3 credits may be awarded.

IV - chapter in technological manual acknowledged by international and national official bodies. In this case, a total of 2 credits may be awarded.

V – for each patent registration, a total of 3 credits may be awarded.

VI - participation in the Teaching Improvement Program (PAE – Programa de Aperfeiçoamento de Ensino). In this case, a total of twenty percent of the minimum credits required in subjects may be conceded.