Artigos em Revista

Título Primeiro Autor Revista/Journal Ano de Publicação
How Magnetic Activity Alters What We Learn from Stellar Spectra Spina, Lorenzo The Astrophysical Journal 2020
Detailed chemical compositions of planet-hosting stars – I. Exploration of possible planet signatures Liu, F Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 2020
Lithium and beryllium in solar twins Meléndez, Jorge Astronomische Nachrichten 2020
The R-Process Alliance: A Very Metal-poor, Extremely r-process-enhanced Star with [Eu/Fe] = + 2.2, and the Class of r-III Stars Cain, Madelyn The Astrophysical Journal 2020
Search for helium in the upper atmosphere of the hot Jupiter WASP-127 b using Gemini/Phoenix dos Santos, Leonardo A. Astronomy & Astrophysics 2020
The R-Process Alliance: First Magellan/MIKE Release from the Southern Search for R-process-enhanced Stars Ezzeddine, Rana The Astrophysical Journal 2020
Rotation of Solar Analogs Crossmatching Kepler and Gaia DR2 Nascimento Jr., J.-D. do The Astrophysical Journal 2020
The R-Process Alliance: Fourth Data Release from the Search for R-process-enhanced Stars in the Galactic Halo Holmbeck, Erika M. The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 2020
Carbon, isotopic ratio 12C/13C, and nitrogen in solar twins: constraints for the chemical evolution of the local disc Botelho, R B Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 2020
Correction to: Testing creation cold dark matter cosmology with the radiation temperature–redshift relation Baranov, Iuri P. R. General Relativity and Gravitation 2020