The graduate program in Geophysics USP (PG-USP) is one of the most traditional in Geosciences in the country. The master was created in 1974 and in 1978 started the doctorate. The first defense of Masters took place in 1977 and the first doctoral thesis was completed in 1985. The program formed to date (31/08/2016) 171 masters and 95 doctors, adding 266 titles in total.

The program covers all areas of geophysics, is coupled with excellent computational and laboratory infrastructure and has strong interaction with other research groups in Brazil and abroad. It provides the graduate student an excellent academic environment for the development of their research work.

The PG-USP has always stood out for the quality of research students and advisers, recognized in Brazil and abroad. In recent years, the program students were awarded the CAPES Award theses in Geosciences (2008 and 2011) or Honorable Mention in the same award (2006, 2012 and 2013), USP theses Award (2011) and Honorable Mention USP (2014), Garcia-Siñeriz Award (2012) for Best Thesis in Iberians countries. Papers from theses and dissertations were also awarded in international scientific events (American Geophysical Union, IAGA, Latinmag) or chosen as featured in important scientific editorial (Elsevier, Nature Magazine, American Geophysical Union).

The quality of research brings doctoral students from abroad to complement its research in IAG, through co-supervision programs. Since 2013 two PhD students from abroad (France and Australia) had a double degree. The majority of our Ph.D. students and some master do internship abroad.

Our doctors has been nucleating Geophysics groups in various national universities, 80% of graduates, tracked since 2000, work in the academic field. The program has graduates in major universities and national research institutes. There is also considerable number of graduates working in foreign institutions.

Currently the Graduate program in Geophysics is the only one with Note 6 in the evaluation system of CAPES. CAPES notes run from 3 to 7, with 6 and 7 only for programs with excellence in research, student formation and international recognition.