Special admission form for PhD Degree without Master Degree

Possible Advisers:

Marcelo Assumpção -  Research Lines: Geodynamics and Global Tectonics: 

Project: "Geodynamics of the South American Plate: numerical models of upper mantle convection based on recent tomography results"

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Ricardo Trindade - Research Lines: Geodynamics and Global Tectonics: 

Project: "Life evolution and oxigenation of primite Earth: a perspective from South America"

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What you need for participate in the selection:

- GRE: 155 (Verbal reasoning), 158 (Qualitative reasoning) 4 (Analytical reasoning)

- PhD Project, less than 20 pages, with introduction, objectives, methods, research schedule for four years.

- There will be an interwiew (it can be made by skype) where the candidate explain his/hers project (can use power point or similar software) and may be questioned about the project. 

Any doubts, please contact: