***** There is no qualification examination for master's students. ****

The Qualification Exam is required in the PhD and PhD courses. The Qualification exam is not required in the Master.

Enrollment in the qualifying examination is the responsibility of the student and must be made within the maximum period established by the Program.

The examination should be carried out no later than 60 (sixty) days after enrollment.

The Graduate student who does not take the exam in the period foreseen for its course will be disconnected from the Program, according to item V of article 52 of the USP Postgraduate Regiment.

Qualification fails: The student who fails the qualification examination may register to repeat it only once, and must re-enroll within 6 (six) months after the first exam. The second examination must be done within 60 (sixty) days after enrollment. Continuing disapproval, the student will be disconnected from the Program and will receive certificate of the courses taken.

Doctorate degree:

The PhD student must register for the qualification examination in a maximum period of 24 (twenty four) months after registration in the course. 

The objective of the PhD qualification examination is to assess the general geophysical knowledge level of the PhD candidate and the candidate's ability to independently develop his / her thesis project within his or her research area.

The exam will consist of two phases.

1) A written exam, with a maximum duration of four (4) hours. The student will write as essay on a topic of applied geophysics or global tectonics, according to the project. The topic will be selected from a list of topics prepared annually by the CCP, including a basic bibliography related to the topics. At the time of the initial enrollment in the PhD, the student will take notice of the list of topics prepared by the Program for the students of that year and he must prepare to be evaluated on the content of this list at the time of his qualification examination. The exam will cover a topic to be selected, necessarily, from this list, from which the student will choose 5 (five) subjects of his choice.

Students who pass from the MSc to the Direct Doctorate will take their qualification examination on the list of subjects valid in the year of their initial registration in the Master´s Program.

2) Presentation of a seminar, in a public session, with a minimum duration of 45 and a maximum of 60 minutes, followed by an oral examination by the examining committee. The seminar should be accompanied by a text that will be delivered in advance to the examining board. 

The subjects of the examination of the second phase will be sent by the supervisor and candidate at the time of enrollment in the qualification examination. Three topics related to the candidate's research project should be proposed. The CCP will analyze the list of topics presented and will make any amendments, always in agreement with the advisor. It will then set the date for the first phase of the qualifying examination and the draw for the second stage. Once the subject has been selected, the candidate has a maximum of one week for delivery three copies of the written text. The oral presentation and public argumentation will occur within a maximum period of one week after the delivery of the text.

The Examining Committee shall be composed of three PhDs, at least two of whom shall be Full Program Advisers. The CCP shall appoint the Chairman of the Examining Committee, obeying, whenever possible, the hierarchy among its members. The Supervisor can not be part of the Examining Committee, serving only as moderator in the examination.

Doctorate without Master (Direct Doctor)

The Direct Doctor student must register for the qualification examination within a maximum period of thirty (30) months after the registration in the course.

The objective of the qualification examination in the Direct Doctorate is the same of the Doctorate. The Exam will be carried out according to the norms of the Doctorate.