The student can obtain scholarships through CNPQ, CAPES or FAPESP. CNPQ and CAPES scholarships are distributed by the program. FAPESP scholarships is requested by the Professor and student. The maximum duration is 24 months for  Masters and 48 months for Doctorate.

There is another scholarship, PEC-PG, available only to foreign students from developing countries with whom Brazil has a cultural and educational cooperation agreement. To obtain this scholarship, the student, in his home country, must go to the Brazilian embassy to register. It is necessary to present a certificate of proficiency in Portuguese for foreigners (CELPE-Bras). These grants are awarded once a year.

According to the CAPES calendar, registrations usually occur in August, with a judgment in October. Entries depend on the submission of a letter of acceptance of the graduate program in which the student is interested. Please note that the acceptance letter from our program can only be sent after the student has passed our selection process. Therefore, the preparation to obtain this scholarship must begin at least 1 year before the beginning of its validity so that the student can present all the requested documents. Check the CAPES website to see if your country is included in this agreement and carefully read the instruction manual available there.


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