List of activities considered as special credits by USP :

a) participation in scientific Congress with work presentation which abstract is published in annals  (or similar), or publication of full work in annals (or similar), which the person concerned is the author and the topic is relevant to your thesis project;

b) full work published in magazine with national or international circulation, who has recognized editorial, appropriate referential system recognized, and the article related to the project of student thesis or dissertation;

c) book chapter of recognized merit in the area of knowledge with relation to the project of student thesis or dissertation;

d) chapter on technological manual recognized by official organs of State or federal sphere, and connected with the student thesis or dissertation;

e) tutoring activity or monitoring carried out at the undergraduate students, as long as scheduled by the Department or responsible by the course or discipline;

f) participation in stages, extension or enhancement courses previously authorized by the CPG, and at your program or content, related to the student research activities;

g) participation in Educational Improvement Program (PAE). For this activity will be assigned until 03 (three) credits.