Student´s basic information


Basic information for students:

Copies and prints

Students have a print quota for the photocopy machine located in room B 316, and printers located in the coffee room. Using the quota limit, students will charge the amount due.

Laser Printer Sune:50 copies/month for doctoral students and 25 copies/ month for mater's students.

Photocopier: 300 copies / semester for doctoral students 200 copies / semester for master's students .

The account photocopier is given by the secretariat of the Geophysics Department. The account for the printer is done through the intranet.

Once the student enrolls must go in the office of the AGG and talk to the office that accompanies the student to his office; creates his account in the copier. creates his account in the copier. With the e-mail created by the graduate office, the student can ask for an account for the use of Sune printer, by the IAG intranet. 


The graduate duate office will create an institutional email for each student, which can be later modified. The graduate office and Geophysics department use this email registered in the Janus system to contact students. This email is also used to register the print quota. 

About the main Campus of Butantã:

Bus Circular: The enrolled student will receive the BUSP, bus card for use only within the circular.

With this card the student will not pay the fare. See the path in :

Helth: the student is entitled to use the University Hospital (HU). Learn more at:

Meals: students  an use the COSEAS restaurants at a subsidized price with student card. Se more hear

Office: Student as an office, shared with 3 or 4 graduate students. In this room, he is entitled to a table and a desktop cabinet. When he receives the key to its, he must sign the term sheet. It states that at the end of his regular period of Graduate activities, the student must return the office key; free table and cabinet in a period of one month, after which any object or material will be removed for the purpose of use by other fellow. He must also free hard disk space on computers (PCs and workstations) of the computer network of the Department of Geophysics within a month, after which, data, programs and the account, including email, will be removed and canceled by the system manager; make available to the linked research laboratory, samples, slides, computer programs and data used and generated during the research activities of the dissertation / thesis or any other materials of the group that are with him; return books, journals and maps taken from the Library of IAG / USP.