Artigos em Congresso


Título Primeiro Autor Revista/Journal Ano de Publicação
Seismological Observations of the Seasonal Rain and Aquifer Induced Seismicity in Southeastern Brazil Jaime A. Convers EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts 2020
Ground-penetrating radar, resistivity, and induced polarization applied in forensic research in tropical soils Vagner R. Elis 18th International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar 2020
Magnetic signatures of biogeochemical processes at a hydrocarbon contaminated site Moraes, C. AGU Fall Meeting 2020 2020
Source area and emplacement conditions of Riscos Bayos Ignimbrites, Caviahue-Copahue Volcanic Complex (Argentina) Maurício Haag EGU General Assembly 2020
ERT and GPR Characterization from Soil Pipe System in Brazilian Tropical Soil Felipe Jesus EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts 2020
Evaluation of the presence of a weak layer in the numerical simulation of lithospheric subduction Agustina Pesce EGU General Assembly 2020
An updated crustal thickness map of central South America based on receiver function measurements Julia Carolina Rivadeneyra-Vera EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts 2020
Linking Slab Structure to Mantle Dynamics in the South American Subduction Zone Portner, D. E. AGU Fall Meeting 2020 2020
How the Andean tectonics and dynamic topography shaped the landscape evolution in Amazonia: a numerical approach Victor Sacek EGU General Assembly 2020
Numerical simulation of asthenospheric flow around cratonic keels Edgar Santos EGU General Assembly 2020