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Título Primeiro Autor Revista/Journal Ano de Publicação
Automatic estimation of inversion parameters for Microwave Tomography in GPR data using cooperative targets Emerson Rodrigo Almeida Journal of Applied Geophysics 2020
Non-monotonous growth and motion of the South Atlantic AnomalyAbstract Hagay Amit Research Square 2020
Sedimentary facies, fossil distribution and depositional setting of the late Ediacaran Tamengo Formation (Brazil) Kamilla Borges Amorim Sedimentology 2020
The Impact of Atmospheric Correction on Brazilian Earth Tide Models Daniel Arana Pure and Applied Geophysics 2020
The 1885 M 6.9 Earthquake in the French Guiana–Brazil Border: The Largest Midplate Event in the Nineteenth Century in South AmericaAbstract Marcelo Assumpção Seismological Research Letters 2020
The long life of SAMBA connection in Columbia: A paleomagnetic study of the 1535 Ma Mucajaí Complex, northern Amazonian Craton, Brazil Franklin Bispo-Santos Gondwana Research 2020
A large epeiric methanogenic Bambuí sea in the core of Gondwana supercontinent? Sergio Caetano-Filho Geoscience Frontiers 2020
Kinematics of the virtual geomagnetic poles during Brunhes–Matuyama times George Caminha-Maciel Geological Society, London, Special Publications 2020
LSTperiod software: spectral analysis of multiple irregularly sampled time series George Caminha-Maciel Annals of Geophysics 2020
The Ribeirão da Folha ophiolite-bearing accretionary wedge (Araçuaí orogen, SE Brazil): New data for Cryogenian plagiogranite and metasedimentary rocks Leandro Amaral Precambrian Research 2020