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Título Primeiro Autor Revista/Journal Ano de Publicação
Large Igneous Provinces of the Amazonian Craton and their Metallogenic Potential in Proterozoic Times Nelson J. Reis Geological Society, London, Special Publications 2021
Mantle dynamics of the Andean Subduction Zone from continent-scale teleseismic S-wave tomography Emily E Rodríguez Geophysical Journal International 2021
Late Pleistocene–Holocene stress in the South American intraplate evidenced by tectonic instability in central Amazonia. Dilce F. Rossetti Cambridge University Press 2021
Lateral flow of thick continental lithospheric mantle during tectonic quiescence Claudio Alejandro Salazar-Mora Journal of Geodynamics 2021
Editorial: Advances in Magnetism of Soils and Sediments Sara Satolli Frontiers in Earth Science 2021
High-Frequency (6 Hz) PKPab Precursors and Their Sensitivity to Deep Earth Heterogeneity C. Sens-Schönfelder Geophysical Research Letters 2021
Diurnal variation effect in marine magnetometric surveys: clues from surveys in southeast Brazil Paula Possamai Sergipe Marine Geophysical Research 2021
Inversion and magnetization homogeneity testing for 2D magnetic sources William Pareschi Soares Geophysics 2021
Imaging the roots of a post-collisional pluton: Implications for the voluminous Cambrian magmatism in the Araçuaí orogen (Brazil) G.F. Souza Junior Tectonophysics 2021
Constraining the Cambrian drift of Gondwana with new paleomagnetic data from post-collisional plutons of the Araçuaí orogen, SE Brazil F.A. Temporim Precambrian Research 2021