Capítulos de Livros Publicados


Título Ano de Publicação
Evolution of the Blue Ridge basement complex in the eastern Great Smoky Mountains: Evidence from zircon U-Pb geochronology and Nd-Pb isotope geochemistry of basement gneisses 2018
Lithospheric Features of the São Francisco Craton 2017
Nature and evolution of the Archean crust of the São Francisco Craton 2017
The Paleomagnetic Record of the São Francisco-Congo Craton 2017
Investigação geoambiental 2015
O Cráton Amazônico em supercontinentes - Uma visão com base em dados paleomagnéticos. Amazonian Craton in supercontinents - A paleomagnetic view 2015
The suceptibility to pollution of groundwater occuring in a paper production area: Rio Claro (SP), Brazil 2014
Intraplate Seismicity in Brazil 2014
Integrated magnetobiostratigraphy of the middle Eocene-lower Oligocene intrval from the Monte Cagnero section, entral Italy 2013
. Characteristic wavelengths in VGP trajactories from magnetostratigraphic data of the Early Cretaceous Serra Geral lava piles, southern Brazil 2013
Middle Eocene to early Oligocene magnetostratigraphy of ODP Hole 711A (Leg 115), western equatorial Indian Ocean 2013
Integrated stratigraphy (magneto-, bio- and chronostratigraphy) and geochronology of the Palaeogene pelagic succession of the Umbria-Marche Basin (central Italy) 2013
Geo-Environmental Site Investigation for Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Sites 2012
Terremotos no Pantanal 2012
O Céu que nos Envolve 2011
A relação entre o Arqueomagnetismo e a Arqueologia 2011
The Paranapanema Lithospheric Block its Nature and its Role in the fusion of Gondwana 2010
Paleogeography of the South Atlantic: a Route for Pimates and Rodents into the New World? 2009
O Interior da Terra 2009
The origin of post-Paleozoic magmatism in eastern Paraguay 2007
Eastern Paraguay: Post-Paleozoic Magmatism 2007
geofisica ambiental como instrumento de conscientização e integração social 2006
Paleomagnetism of the post-Paleozoic alkaline magmatism in the Brazilian Platform: questioning the mantle plume model 2005
Carbonatites from southeastern Brazil: geochemistry, O-C, Sr-Nd-Pb isotopes and relationships with the magmatism from the Paraná-Angola-Namibia Province 2005
O magmatismo toleítico da Bacia do Paraná 2004
As ilhas vulcânicas brasileiras: Fernando de Noronha e Trindade 2004