The education improvement program (PAE) aims to enhance the training of graduate students for undergraduate teaching activity. The program consists of two steps: Pedagogical preparation and Internship in teaching. Pedagogical preparation step is mandatory for Masters of Capes scholarship. Both steps are compulsory for Doctoral students who have Capes scholarship.

Pedagogical preparation step consists of registration in the discipline AGG5900, which is offered each semester.

The internship in teaching is an internship in undergraduate discipline of USP courses, with maximum working hours of 06 hours per week under the supervision of responsible discipline Professor. This stage is evaluated through report delivered by trainees as well as by panels of data and/or completed stage results, as laid down in the announcement of opening of registration.

The Pro-rectory of graduate studies offers monthly financial assistance to students of internship in teaching.

The completion of two stages of the program will be entitled to a certificate of participation and obtaining credits in accordance with the established by the CPG of your course. The licence is granted for a single participation, being the others proven by a declaration.

At the discretion of the PAE coordinate committee can be accepted trainees volunteers, without the right to remuneration.

Commission Composition PAE/IAG

In  IAG, the PAE Commission is composed of a member of the Graduate Commission (CPG), titular or alternate member of each program and a titular member of the undergraduate Commission (CG). They should be indicated by their respective committees and student representative. The mandates of the professors are bound to their mandates in their respective committees.