Extreme waves generated by cyclonic winds in the western portion of the South Atlantic Ocean


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C.B. Gramcianinov
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Ocean Engineering
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Artigo publicado em Revista
Publicação Internacional
TítuloExtreme waves generated by cyclonic winds in the western portion of the South Atlantic Ocean
Tipo da publicaçãoJournal Article
Ano de Publicação2020
AutoresGramcianinov CB, Campos RM, Guedes Soares C, de Camargo R
JournalOcean Engineering
Issue112Nr. 12113105
Data de Publicação10/2020
ISSN0029 - 8018

This article analyzes the spatial distribution of extreme waves generated by extratropical cyclones and studies the atmospheric conditions that lead to the most severe events in the Southwestern portion of the South Atlantic Ocean. Significant wave heights from the NCEP/WW3 hindcast and atmospheric fields from NCEP/CFSR are selected for the analysis that joins automatic tracking of the storms with visual analyses of the most relevant cases. The synoptic pattern of extreme events suggested that extreme waves can occur in three regions of the cyclones: (1) behind the cold front; (2) along the warm front; and (3) ahead of the cold front. The first pattern is widely reported in the literature, while the others are unexplored in the region and are first reported in this paper. It was also shown that the anticyclone position relative to the cyclone center plays an important role in the extreme waves in two ways: (1) due to the increase of horizontal pressure gradient and, consequently, surface wind speed; and (2) affecting the cyclone displacement speed, which determines the fetch positioning and the wave generation process. The novel features identified show that slow cyclones tend to promote longer events of extreme waves, with impact on larger areas.

Short TitleOcean Engineering