The infrastructure available to graduate students is among the best in the country. In the atmospheric sciences department, full-time research students have their own office (Figure 1) with computers connected to the Internet, and access to various databases (journals, meteorological observations, time series from experimental platforms, among others).

Figure 1: Student Office.

The Meteorology Graduate Program also has three offices available for research development and use in practice sessions, each accommodating 20 computers with Internet access, scanners and laser and inkjet printers (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Computer Room

In addition to the weather station at Parque da Água Funda, the Meteorology program offers a wide range of laboratories containing modern equipment and excellent technical support.

Micrometeorology Laboratory - LabMicro 
Air-sea Interaction Laboratory  - LIAM
Climate Studies Group Laboratory - GREC
Climate and Biosphere Laboratory - LCB 
Multiscale Studies Laboratory - GEM
Meteorology Laboratory applied to Regional Weather Systems - MASTER
Remote Sensing Laboratory
Remote Sensing Laboratory applied to storms - STORM-T
Atmospheric Processes Analysis Laboratory - LAPAT