Journal Publications


Título Primeiro Autor Revista/Journal Ano de Publicação
Remi model: bottom-up emissions inventories for cities with lack of data Sérgio Ibarra-Espinosa Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering 2017
On the Precipitation Homogeneity Hypothesis in Topmodel Applications Karam, Hugo Abi Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Cartografia, Geodésia, Fotogrametria e Sensoriamento Remoto 2017
The Brazilian developments on the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (BRAMS 5.2): an integrated environmental model tuned for tropical areas Saulo R. Freitas Geoscientific Model Development Discussions 2017
Climatic variability of river outflow in the Pantanal region and the influence of sea surface temperature Carlos Batista Silva Theoretical and Applied Climatology 2017
The influence of the winter North Atlantic Oscillation index on hospital admissions through diseases of the circulatory system in Lisbon, Portugal Ricardo Almendra International Journal of Biometeorology 2017
Changes in intensity of the regional Hadley cell in Indian Ocean and its impacts on surrounding regions Ana Carolina Vasques Freitas Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics 2017
Simulated austral winter response of the Hadley circulation and stationary Rossby wave propagation to a warming climate Ana Carolina V. Freitas Climate Dynamics 2017
Climatology of destructive hailstorms in Brazil Jorge A. Martins Atmospheric Research 2017
Extreme precipitation events and their relationship with ENSO and MJO phases over northern South America Marília Harumi Shimizu International Journal of Climatology 2017
Spatially transferable regional model for half-hourly values of diffuse solar radiation for general sky conditions based on perceptron artificial neural networks Božnar, Marija Zlata Renewable Energy 2017