Meteorology Graduate Studies


The Meteorology graduate program from the University of São Paulo seeks to supply researchers and professionals with a solid knowledge in the field of atmospheric sciences. Aside from traditional areas of research, the program encompasses fields such as climate change, atmosphere-biosphere interaction, atmosphere-ocean interaction, atmospheric pollution and its effects in humans and environment.

The strong groundwork offered in these areas enables students to develop autonomy and resourcefulness required when facing challenges demanded by academic or professional activities.

There are currently 74 students enrolled in the program – 34 in the master’s course and 40 in the doctoral course.

The majority of professionals interested in the courses offered by the Atmospheric Sciences Department have traditionally been meteorologists, physicists and mathematicians. However, the research areas developed in the program have recently attracted geographers, biologists, chemists, engineers and professionals from various fields.

The statistics tab in this webpage provides further information concerning the progression and number of titles awarded since the Meteorology graduate program was established.