Special Credits


A maximum of 6 credits may be conceded as special credits to MSc, PhD and PhD with direct entry students.

XIV.2.1 A complete work published in a national or international journal with an acknowledged editorial body, or chapter of a book of recognized merit in the area of knowledge, having relation to the dissertation/thesis project, with the student being the first author awards three (3) special credits.

XIV.2.2 Patent registration awards three (3) special credits.

XIV.2.3 Publishing a chapter in a technological manual acknowledged by international and national official bodies awards two (2) special credits.

XIV.2.4 Participation in congresses, workshops, symposiums or other types of scientific meetings, with presentation of a complete work later published (printed or digital) in research annals (or similar) with the student as first author, the number of special credits awarded per event is one (1).

XIV.2.5 - Participation in the Teaching Improvement Program (PAE – Programa de Aperfeiçoamento de Ensino) awards one (1) special credit.