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Título Primeiro Autor Revista/Journal Ano de Publicaçãoícone de ordenação
Cloud-aerosol-precipitation interactions in deep convection and cloud electrification over the Amazon Rachel Ifanger Albrecht GoAmazon2014/5 Science Conference 2015
Evaluating lightning detection signatures at different technologies: A contribution to GOES-R and MTG Rachel Ifanger Albrecht Joint MTG LI Mission Advisory Group & GOES-R GLM Science Team workshop 2015
Where are the lightning hotspots on Earth? Rachel Ifanger Albrecht AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco 2015
On the role of thermodynamics and cloud-aerosol-precipitation interactions over thunderstorm activity during GoAmazon and ACRIDICON-CHUVA field experiments Rachel Ifanger Albrecht AGU Fall Meeting - San Francisco 2015
TOWARDS A MEGACITY PROJECT IN SÃO PAULO, SOUTHEAST OF BRAZIL Maria de Fatima Andrade BIPM Workshop on Global to Urban Scale Carbon Measurements 2015
Study of frost events in Peruvian Andes in regional climate simulation Cristina Pamela Davila Arriaga 11th ICSHMO - International Conference on Southern Hemisphere Meteorology and Oceanography 2015
Aerosol effects in different types of precipitating clouds in the Amazon Ramon Campos Braga EGU - European Geosciences Union 2015
Biomass burnig aerosol effect on rainfall over the la plata basin Glauber Camponogara IV SIC - Simpósio Internacional de Climatologia 2015
Perspectives of storm surge occurrences for the upcoming decades at Western South Atlantic Ricardo De Camargo The 7th International Workshop on Modeling the Oceans ( IWMO-2015 ) 2015
Examining Western South Atlantic wave climate for different representations of present and future conditions Ricardo De Camargo The 7th International Workshop on Modeling the Oceans ( IWMO-2015 ) 2015