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Títuloícone de ordenação Primeiro Autor Revista/Journal Ano de Publicação
The role of land use change over Amazon Forest in simulating climatology and extreme hydroclimatic indices LLOPART, M. In: WCRP – CORDEX – ICRC – 2016. Estocolmo, Suécia. 17 a 20/05/2016 2016
The South America CORDEX Flagship Pilot Study: Extreme precipitation events in Southeastern South America: a proposal for a better understanding and modeling Huth, Radan In: EMS Annual Meeting 2017, 04 a 08 de Setembro/2017, Dublin/Ireland 2017
THE VARIABILITY OF FOG EVENTS FROM 1930 TO 2015 IN SÃO PAULO CITY Fábio Luiz Teixeira Gonçalves In: 7th International Conference on Fog (FFCD), Wrocław, Poland on 24-29 July, 2016 2016
Thunderstorm characteristics of summer precipitating systems during CHUVA-GLM Vale do Paraiba field campaign. ALBRECHT, R Proceedings of 16th International Conference on Clouds and Precipitation 2012
Thunderstorm Electrification, Lightning, and General Topics in Atmospheric and Space Electricity III Albrecht, Rachel I. In: AGU Fall Meeting 2017, 11 a 15 de Dezembro/2017, New Orleans/EUA. 2017
THUNDERSTORMS AND FLOODS IN THE METROPOLITAN AREA OF SÃO PAULO: MXPOL AND SPOL MEASUREMENTS OF LOCAL CIRCULATION AND CLOUD Augusto José Pereira Filho Internacional Conference on Weather Forecast and Hydrological Applications of Radar 2015
Thunderstorms characteristics during ACRIDICON-CHUVA and GoAmazon field campaigns Albrecht, Rachel Ifanger Workshop on Aerosol-Cloud-Precipitation Interactions in Amazonia during the ACRIDICON-CHUVA campaign, Ilhabela – SP, 29/02 a 03/março, 2016 2016
Toward an integrated quasi-operational air quality analysis and prediction system for South America Gholam Ali Hoshyaripour EGU - European Geosciences Union - General Assembly 2015 2015
TOWARDS A MEGACITY PROJECT IN SÃO PAULO, SOUTHEAST OF BRAZIL Maria de Fatima Andrade BIPM Workshop on Global to Urban Scale Carbon Measurements 2015
Tropical Cloud Processes : First Results from CHUVA Project. Machado, L. A. T. 16th International Conference on Clouds and Precipitation 2012